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What we do best




Centerpointe Contractors will provide cost estimates per trade based on documents provided, and revised estimates as necessary when plans are completed. We will coordinate submittals, schedules, and pre-construction meetings with all involved parties and advise the owner and architect of material availability, and set up the construction site with path of travel and trash dumpsters.




During your project, our full-time superintendent will oversee all ongoing work, addressing change orders or revisions, coordinate subcontractors to assure that your project runs smoothly per schedule, and conduct weekly on-site meetings throughout the construction process.




Our staff will meet with owner to go through wants and needs, and make suggestions to keep the project within budget. We will go through the buildings current conditions to see how they may affect value for budgeting purposes. We will review the construction documents and building construction design, including, but not limited to, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Life Safety, Plumbing and HVAC to see where we can save you money.




We will review and complete all punch list items, coordinate all claim releases, close-out packages including as-builts and warranties as required to issue final payments to subcontractors and final Certificate of Completion.




Centerpointe Contractors also has its own in-house qualified drywall, framing and taping crew who can handle any size project. This is a major component in expediting scheduling, as we control the manpower internally. We also have the ability to handle small demolition and t-bar tasks. Not only does this division do our own in house drywall, framing and taping, but we also subcontract to other general contractors. Our quality and performance will exceed any other drywall contractors in the industry.

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Quality Work, Great Rates


For more than 20 years, Centerpointe Contractors, Inc. has set new standards for drywall installation based on quality craftsmanship, value and excellence in customer service and satisfaction. These key principles continue to guide our efforts and are practiced on a daily basis from the field team to our executive team. We build teams that truly enjoy working together and are unparalleled in their field. Our workers are not only individual drywall experts, but they are teachers as well. We understand how important the generation coming behind our more seasoned drywallers, hangers and tapers is for continuing the foundation and growth of our organization and industry. Our on-site staff are our best mentors. We encourage mentorship to continue the growth and knowledge of our teams. Our team is committed and take pride in proactively looking out for your best interests, both in the office and out in the field.


Centerpointe Contractors currently employs approximately forty employees. We have eight office staff and over 30 field employees. Of the eight office staff employees, there is one Officer, five Project Managers, one Office Manager and one Office Assistant. We have three full-time Field Superintendents and have approximately thirty drywall hangers, framers and tapers.

One of Centerpointe Contractors' real attributes is having our own in-house drywall and framing crew. We have over thirty full time framers, hangers and tapers. This can be a major component in expediting scheduling because we control the man power internally and drywall and framing is usually what drives all other trades. Centerpointe also has the ability to take care of small demolition and t-bar tasks.

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Just for our contractors

Centerpointe Contractors recognizes that our Subcontractors are a vital part of our business in completing a successful project to our mutual success. We have the following downloadable forms for your use on our projects, as well as safety guidelines to follow.

Corporate Documents

Safety Rules

As it is impossible to cover every situation that may occur in every day work, we have prepared the following guidelines to insure safety. Remember to think about safety, not only for yourself, but for your co-workers.

  1. No subcontractor shall be allowed to perform on any project if ability to perform is impaired by illness or other causes to the point that they could be exposed to an injury.

  2. OSHA guidelines will be followed for appropriate work shoes. Work shoes will be in good condition. No tennis shoes will be allowed on jobsites. Appropriate clothing is required; shorts are not allowed on any jobsite. All personnel shall wear appropriate personal protective equipment as required by OSHA. Hard hats shall be worn where there is any potential of falling objects. Depending on the project, hard hats may be required at all times jobsite or in your vehicles at any time. Any personnel abusing this rule will be terminated and will leave the jobsite immediately.

  3. Drugs, alcohol or illegal substances are not permitted on the job-sites.

  4. Before beginning work, all tools and equipment shall be inspected for safety. Ladders, scissor lifts and scaffolds must be in good condition.

  5. Jewelry may become caught on tools, ladders or other equipment, and should not be worn on any project.

  6. "Good housekeeping" is essential. All jobsites shall be kept clear of trash and debris. Inspect the jobsite for unsafe conditions. Remedy these conditions so they are not harmful or hazardous. Contact your Supervisor for assistance, if needed.

  7. All materials are to be stored in assigned storage areas. Flammables, paints and solvents shall be stored safely, Use appropriate precautions and fire protection.

  8. Report any injuries or accidents to your Supervisor IMMEDIATELY. An injury report must be filed within 24 hours of the incident.

  9. Safety meetings are conducted weekly, tailgate meetings are held on jobsites. Here at Centerpointe Contractors safety is our #1 priority.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our safety rules, please reach out to us at 714-238-0090 or your supervisor. 

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